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5 Things That Make Trucking Companies Great

Legacy opened its doors in 2012, but technically our first “doors” were in the back of Issac’s (our company founder) truck. We started small, and we’ve built this business up over nearly a decade. We now have more than 75 trucks operating nationwide.

If there’s anything we know, it’s how to build and sustain a trucking company.

These are the 5 qualities that can make any trucking company great. There’s a little bit more to it than just having big trucks to drive around!

1. A commitment to safety.

At Legacy Express Trucking, safety is our top priority.

If you can’t get your shipments around the world safely, it doesn’t matter how fast you can get them there. Smooth shipping is safe shipping, and safe shipping is effective shipping. Shipping is a cycle – a process. In order to have a great shipping company, you need to focus just as much on safety as you focus on efficiency.

 That’s why at Legacy, we’ve taken a pledge to make the roads a safer place for everyone to travel on, whether you’re a CDL driver or just taking your kids to soccer practice after school.

2. A great front office.

Shipping has many moving parts, and our CDL drivers sometimes need to rely on the support they can get from our front office staff. We have a great team of professional, kind employees who help make Legacy the fantastic operation that it is.

Shipping is hard work, but we do our best to make it a smooth experience for all involved. This starts in the office and makes its way out to every single aspect of our company.

3. Great drivers.

Many of the people working in our office at Legacy have experience as truck drivers. Because of this, we know personally just how important it is for drivers to have good working conditions and great work experiences.

Trucking is hard, and we want to make it better for all of our drivers. This helps us stay committed to our goals of having a safe and effective trucking company, and it also makes it easier for us to achieve our goals as a company.

At Legacy, we’re lucky to work with some of the best drivers around, and they continue to raise the bar of what makes someone a truly great tucker.

4. Strong leadership.

At the end of the day, trucking is a business.

Because it’s a business, money is part of the conversation – especially when it comes to success. That’s why part of what makes a trucking company great is more than just the tangibles, it’s also the behind-the-scenes decisions from the leaders of the company.

We have a great CEO and team of executives that have a clear vision for Legacy, and they’re helping us execute that vision every single day on the roads. Consistency, experience, and leadership – that’s what it comes down to.

5. Time management.

In shipping, the worst thing that you can do is fall flat on commitments that you make on-time.

Delays, missed deadlines, and other scheduling errors make a company hard to work with, hard to communicate with, and worst of all, hard to be around.

Legacy has more than a decade of experience in this industry, and we’re well aware of the pitfalls of poor communication and poor time management. We actively set in place mechanisms and systems that allow us to manage the countless shipments that come through our yard and others every single day.

Shipping is a bit of a long game, but poor time management will make it unbearably long.

Closing thoughts

There’s a lot of different things that make shipping companies effective, and these are just a few of the most general aspects.

If you like articles like this and want to learn more about how you can build an effective shipping company or find the perfect shipping company to work with, feel free to send us a message.

If you’re an aspiring CDL driver, diesel technician, or just want to learn more about joining the Legacy team, check out our careers page.

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